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  • Fayeka Zabeen Siddiqua

  • Dhaka needs more trees, but…

    While a liveable city should contain 25 percent greenery of its total area, the capital has barely five percent greenery for lack of regular plantation, and no maintenance of the existing ones.
  • Remembering Syed Abdullah Khalid

    A long haired young sculptor was regularly seen near the arts faculty of Dhaka University, with a hammer and chisel in his hands, working day and night on a life-size structure.
  • Thinking outside the (white) box

    Pristine, paper white walls. Monorail lightings fixed on the ceiling. And reverent silence.
  • Folkloric Bangladesh

    Bangla folk literature has always celebrated a rich tapestry of themes, from heroic religious narratives depicted in ballads and dramas, to the mundane struggles of life reflected in witty proverbs and riddles. These folk tales, many of which have been passed down through generations orally, reflect the diversity of our different ethnic, linguistic and religious groups. This Pahela Baishakh, we invite you on a journey that takes us back to our roots.
  • Let there be light

    The stigma surrounding depression