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  • Fayeka Zabeen Siddiqua

  • In memory of Sayeeda Khanam: The girl with a Rolleicord

    Imagine women entering the field of photography, historically dominated by men, during a time when they were even more strictly confined to certain socially constructed roles.
  • My memory from a time in the past

    They say, rereading a beloved childhood book, much later in your life, helps you rediscover yourself. The day afterpoet Al Mahmud's death, I reopened one of his poetry books, Pakhir Kachhe, Phooler Kachhe, the only collection of the poet I have ever read and owned.
  • Eishob Dinraatri

    Every cat is a great teacher. I live with five and I know for a fact that they are.
  • Dhaka needs more trees, but…

    While a liveable city should contain 25 percent greenery of its total area, the capital has barely five percent greenery for lack of regular plantation, and no maintenance of the existing ones.
  • Remembering Syed Abdullah Khalid

    A long haired young sculptor was regularly seen near the arts faculty of Dhaka University, with a hammer and chisel in his hands, working day and night on a life-size structure.