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  • Farjana Ahmed Annan

  • Universal Theatre stages ‘Mahatma’ on Gandhi Jayanti

    In celebration of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary and the International Day of Non-Violence, Universal Theatre staged their acclaimed play, Mahatma, at the Experimental Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy on October 2.
  • Cybernauts 2019 at North South University

    Cybernauts 2019, one of the most prominent gaming programmes of the country, was at the North South University last month.
  • Shokkhom In pursuit of eradicating poverty

    Shokkhom, a wing of OBHIZATRIK Foundation, was introduced in 2016 on a small scale with two hand-pulled rickshaw vans for selling vegetables. “The major target of introducing Shokkhom is to utilise zakat funds strategically as donations for social development,” says Ahmed Imtiaz Jami
  • The proud brothers of DOTA 2 Bangladesh

    Mohammad Aiman “Len” Iqbal and Zunnun “Jin” Iqbal, known as two of the most popular professional DOTA 2 players today, also hold the prestigious positions in the SEA server as two of the top 1,500 players. They have been playing the game for over six years. They have played for one of most successful professional DOTA 2 teams of Bangladesh, The Council, for a long time. The last tournament Aiman played with The Council was The Local Cup Season 1, where they were the winners.
  • The Local Cup Season One

    The Local Cup Season One was organised recently, with participation from both renowned players and newcomers of DOTA 2 Bangladesh.