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  • Fardeen Zareef

    Fardeen Zareef is sarcastic, in spirit. He is also in a war with carbohydrates and spends his free time gaming, trying to learn how to use Twitter and supporting Manchester United.

  • The attacking player's FIFA 18

    The attacking player's FIFA

    With a new season, comes the next installment of the iconic EA Sports franchise, FIFA. The hype surrounding FIFA 18 has been massive! A viral marketing campaign along with a couple of eye-catching features helped promote the game well and generated a significant pre-release expectation.
  • EA at E3

    Another year, another E3 and a new massive set of video games are now in the forefront of community discussion.
  • Godfather II

    EA's second installment in the Godfather franchise is quite memorable for the hype it received during release time and the polarised reviews it accumulated as some found the gameplay fun while others considered it bland.
  • Return of the Yakuza

    SEGA's trademark Yakuza series is well-known for its critical acclaim and revolutionary installments.

    The 90s nostalgia kicks in the moment someone mentions Neo Geo to me. And the first game that comes to mind is one of the greatest button-smashers of all time, King of Fighters. KOF is SNK's ultimate love child and throughout the years, it has only gotten better.