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  • Higher growth a must to raise income status

    THE recent reclassification of Bangladesh to a lower middle income country (LMIC) has been a highlight in its long voyage towards economic development. But what does it really imply? Is it reason enough for us to relax for the time being?
  • Female workers' migration rising

    The number of Bangladeshi female migrant workers has been on the rise even though migration of Bangladeshi workers has declined by 30 percent in 2014, compared to that of 2012.
  • Death lurks on railroads

    It was a morning a few years ago.
  • Jaywalkers top railway deaths

    The Daily Star has found out in a research that 50 percent of train accidents are because of unaware jaywalkers.
  • Jaywalkers at high risk

    It was 12:30pm and six-year-old Upoma had just heard the school bell ring. She could not wait to go home that day and attend to her kitten. Her father