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  • Importance of stay interviews

    When you’re given the responsibility to work in HR, understanding what your organisation is doing in terms of employee satisfaction while the employees still work in the company should be of greater importance than finding cure to problems once they’ve left. This is where stay interviews come in - an avenue to get to know what the organisation is doing best or how it can improve further. Let’s get to know some more reasons that make stay interviews absolutely essential for any organisation.
  • Things to consider before changing your major

    Study the basic entry requirements or credit transfer options from the currently enrolled major in your university.
  • How to deal with a bad boss

    Consider your boss to be just another assessment test or hurdle that you have to overcome in your job and see if meeting their choices or preferences can be foreseen with the amount of knowledge/insight you’ve gained thus far in the job. Is the boss quick to make decisions or rather slow? Do they keep to themselves or does communication come easy? Match your style with that of your manager, and you’ll get by better.

    If your higher-up or manager makes you want to have anxiety pills every alternate hour of the day at the office, it might be a good time to have your guards up in dealing with the case of a horrible boss. Additionally, you may see the following signs.

    In the race of getting work done in time and meeting the hundred deadlines looming over you every other day, the following apps will help you better cope with the stress that life throws your way. To make things even easier for you, all the apps listed here are free of cost, and available for download in Android and iOS platforms, desktops and tablets.