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  • Enam Ul Haque

  • River Lapwings visit Dhaka

    While Purbachal is a fancy name of a pummelled river-bed and uprooted Sal forest, all to extend the suburb for the capital’s burgeoning population, birds do not find the place unattractive because it is mostly uninhabited, unkempt and rather quiet, at least, for the time bein
  • The city's 'first' shade of purple

    For the first time in a generation, a rare Purple Heron was spotted near a lake in the capital. These birds of Bangladesh are seen only occasionally in the reed beds of large fresh-water lakes called haors.
  • The Woolyneck comes home

    At the beginning of the 20th century, the globally vulnerable Asian-Woolynecked stork had begun disappearing from East Bengal, now Bangladesh, after which the Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh termed this species of stork “a former visitor of Bangladesh”.
  • Nature Quest: The return of Grey Francolin

    We couldn't believe our eyes when from amidst the green grass, a yellow bird, somewhat like a chicken, ran into the reeds of char Majardiyar near Rajshahi city.
  • Nature Quest: Padma banks painted red

    A large flock of very rare and colourful birds has brightened the banks of Padma river near Rajshahi City recently. The birds called Painted Stork thronged the shallows and shoals before the birdwatchers and photographers of the city.