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  • Nature Quest: The return of Grey Francolin

    We couldn't believe our eyes when from amidst the green grass, a yellow bird, somewhat like a chicken, ran into the reeds of char Majardiyar near Rajshahi city.
  • Nature Quest: Padma banks painted red

    A large flock of very rare and colourful birds has brightened the banks of Padma river near Rajshahi City recently. The birds called Painted Stork thronged the shallows and shoals before the birdwatchers and photographers of the city.
  • Spot-billed Pelican in Padma

    Nature Quest: We adore thee, Pelican

    We may thankfully sing the old Christian hymn “Humbly we adore thee, pelican” now that a Spot-billed Pelican is visiting Bangladesh
  • Indo-Chinese Roller: Tale of a 'new bird'

    Bangladesh now boasts a new bird and even more fortunately, it is often seen in Dhaka city. The bird is not a new arrival but has
  • Nature Quest: First flamingo in Bangladesh

    A hunting party found a flock of five large birds feeding at the braided Jamuna river towards the end of December last year. For years