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  • Dr Reza Kibria

    The writer is IMF Macro Fiscal Advisor to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Cambodia.

  • The myth of the 'level playing field'

    Rural Sylhet on a damp winter's night presents a most forbidding scene. The Stygian darkness is pierced only by the dim light of the lantern of a roadside stall in the far distance.
  • The struggle to restore our values

    The 2018 election is not just about changing a set of policymakers: It is a possible turning point in the struggle to restore our core values.
  • Protecting our rights and freedoms

    The people of Bangladesh recognise that their basic rights and freedoms—the very things people fought for during the independence struggle—are now being threatened by the powers that be.
  • White House under siege: The Muscovite candidate?

    In any genuine democracy, after a tough electoral struggle, the first challenge of the new incumbent is to unite the nation and reconcile those who did not vote for the winning side.
  • Trump's feud with the media

    The ill-will between President Trump and the mainstream liberal media (I will mostly use the term “media” from here on) is well-documented.