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  • Dr. Nahid Ferdousi

  • To rehabilitate juvenile offenders

    Alarge number of children in Bangladesh are facing violence in a wide range of settings including family, schools, workplaces,
  • Legal issues in caring for elderly people

    Each year, on October 01, we observe “the International Day for Older Persons” through rallies and meetings and

    The notion that children deserve special attention in the legal and judicial system is not a new issue in the modern world. It is the duty
  • Values-based child protection system

    Law, ethics, values and morality forms an integral part of the society. Law is omnipresent whereas ethics, values and morality are the inner instinct. Their blend is a requirement for the amicable survival of the society especially for the protection of the children. In Bangladesh a large number of children are deprived of their basic human rights due to unacceptable health, nutrition and education as well as social conditions. In addition, recently children are facing violence in a range of settings including at home and in the family, in schools and in care and justice systems, in workplaces and in the communities.
  • Deprived children in the development centers

    As a state party to the Convention of the Rights of the Children 1989 (CRC), Bangladesh is under a legal obligation to establish a child