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  • Dilruba Z. Ara

  • Mother’s Sari

    A backstreet, wet at nightfall — a silk sari unfurled. Iridescent black. Autumn leaves — Splashes of gold under streetlights. Rain in Lund Is the same as in a Dhaka backstreet.
  • Dhaka Lives in My Backbone

    The chestnut tree in my courtyard is in full bloom,
  • A Man with A Cane

    The man walks Bending on his cane, picking
  • On a Street of Dhaka

    In a tattered sari, she stands
  • Sit Down, Sir!

    Gulshan Market Two has not changed much over the last three decades. Surrounding three sides of an open parking lot, it is a square, U-block construction, with a colonnade veranda running along the front of each shop. Some of the shops are new, but most are what they had been when Rita was a teenager.