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  • ENSLAVED in Oman

    Shaheen Alam heard his mother’s voice crack on the other end of the phone, as she pleaded with him to rescue her from the torture by a trafficking network in Oman. She had gone there in May after being promised a decent job as a hospital cleaner. It was a trap.
  • Dengue Prevalence: Upscale areas more prone

    Dengue infections and Aedes mosquito prevalence are higher in areas with too many multistory buildings and shiny infrastructures adorned with decorative greeneries, although there are a few exceptions, analysis of two government surveys shows.
  • Dengue spreads to 50 districts

    Dengue has spread to 50 districts with a record 1,096 patients having been diagnosed with the viral disease yesterday alone.
  • Aedes albopictus mosquitoes

    Tk 500 max for dengue diagnosis

    Showing symptoms of dengue, Kazi Jabunnahar, 29, went to a nearby private hospital from her Banasree house about two weeks ago.
  • Waste no time, seek treatment

    Dengue may be fatal for those who had already contracted the disease before, with doctors suggesting immediate treatment at the first sign of a fever for everyone.