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  • Discovery of magnetic iron ore reserve in Dinajpur

    He holds a piece of the rock sample and brings it near to a magnet bar. Instantly, the rock sample gets attached to the magnet and hangs on to it when the magnet bar is held up in the air.
  • Scaling back coal-based power plants: A step in the right direction

    The government’s plan, as reported in the media, to reduce the number of coal-based power plants and thus the amount of power to be generated using coal, brings relief to the concerns of environmentalists, scientists and the general public who have been campaigning against major coal use due to the danger it poses to the environment and human health.
  • Solution lies in local gas, not imported LNG

    Bangladesh enters a new era of energy use as it starts importing liquified natural gas (LNG) beginning in July in order to solve the prevailing gas crisis.
  • Why is solar power development so slow in Bangladesh?

    The pace at which renewable energy including solar and wind is being developed worldwide suggests that these will overtake the fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal) as dominant sources in power generation in a shorter time frame than previously forecasted. In mid-1990s renowned energy experts predicted that oil, gas and coal will remain the predominant fuel for power generation until 2030.
  • The burden of imported energy

    In Bangladesh today there are visible plans of a changed landscape in the energy and power sectors. In fact, the country stands at a crossroads of major transition from an underdeveloped energy sector to a more developed one—from a mainly local gas-based mono-energy status to multiple sources in the energy mix.