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    Ahmede Hussain

    Editor of The New Anthem (Tranqubar; Delhi; 2009). ahmedehussain@gmail.com

  • Under cricket's shadow

    Our ever deteriorating performance in the international meets is not shocking. In fact, it is a natural by-product of the neglect and indifference that has reigned supreme in the sector for a long time.
  • Saving our girls

    Stabbed by her alleged stalker at the entrance to her school, Suraiya Akter Risha, a student of Willes Little Flower School, Dhaka, succumbed to her injuries last Sunday.
  • Holey Artisan Cafe

    Off the Cuff

    There is no denying that Bangladesh's standing in the world as a nation is at stake, also in question is its economic growth, especially the much sought after foreign investments.
  • West, East

    The white woman and her husband fell into silence again. About a while ago the train was heading east, and now,
  • The message in a bottle

    The call of 100,000 alems, to denounce terrorism, is important on many counts, and its significance is manifold. It is interesting to