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  • Adnan R Amin

    The writer is a strategy and communications consultant.

  • What's in a frame?

    It was always destined to become iconic: an image of blood-red streams flowing through a cityscape. The city was Dhaka and the
  • A Dramatic Fall

    Tania, Tania, Tania!" a ponytailed musician-type claps furiously. He is apologising to his girlfriend. His face looks as though it were
  • Cornered men and toxic masculinity

    Just after we had graduated to secondary school, a new boy joined our class. This new entrant was of pale, white complexion,
  • A marriage of ideals and realities

    In reality, a village father does not care about Bangladesh's commitments at the Girl Summit 2014; he cares about his daughter, and his social standing. Integrally linked to this sense of honour are cultural ideas like virginity or purity.
  • The post-crisis rumour mill

    During an unprecedented attack like the one at Holey Artisan Bakery, crisis management is of utmost priority.