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  • Abu Bakar Siddique Akand

  • No child left behind

    In an open field adjacent to Gazipur’s Sal forest, groups of children, aged between four and 14, sit on floor mats doing their school lesson, while their teachers walk around, helping them out.
  • Free rides to hospital

    Go to the CNG-run autorickshaw stand in Gazipur’s Board Bazar area, you can’t miss a three-wheeler with stickers on its front, back, sides and roof, reading “free for the poor, helpless and the physically-challenged”.
  • Tulips bloom in Bangladesh

    Tulips bloom for the first time in Bangladesh

    A little piece of cropland in Sreepur upazila of Gazipur is now abuzz with local visitors after a couple in the area managed to harvest a full bloom of tulips, a plant that has grown for the first time in Bangladesh.
  • Trapped in flames; help never came

    “We are trapped by the flames. We can’t go downstairs. Please help!” These were the words of Uttam Kumar Das as he called his cousin Ranajit after the fire broke out at an electric fan factory in Gazipur Sunday afternoon.
  • The success story of Jharna

    Jharna Begum, who once sold clothes from door to door while covering her face to evade creditors, is now the centre of a tale of success that even intrigued the queen of the Netherlands.