Abu Bakar Siddique Akand

GCC ex-mayor embezzled Tk 2.6cr from GCC coffer

Suspended Gazipur mayor Jahangir Alam embezzled Tk 2.6 crore of city corporation money using a fake city corporation bank account.

It’s unlawful, a violation of human rights

The incident where an accused BNP leader was seen cuffed and fettered during his mother’s namaz-e-janaza in Gazipur has touched off outrage among rights activists and citizens.

Jahangir ‘spent on’ events that never happened

Suspended Gazipur City Corporation Mayor Mohammad Jahangir Alam may have pocketed at least Tk 1.57 crore from the city corporation fund in the pretext of celebrating Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s birth centenary in 2020, according to an internal investigation by the city authorities.

Gazipur road widening: Compensation unpaid, yet work resumes

The Gazipur City Corporation has resumed widening streets and construction of drains and footpaths without compensating those who lost land for the development work.

26 cases against a retired teacher

Twenty-six cases of extortion, vandalism, cheque forgery and looting.

Rise meteoric, fall too

He became the vice chairman of an upazila parishad, general secretary of Gazipur city Awami League, and mayor of Gazipur -- all before he was 40.

The tale of three siblings

Long ago, paddy growers used to conduct land levelling employing a levelling board drawn by a pair of cows to catalyze the yield of crops.

The waste mountains of Gazipur

In proper garbage management, waste should be disposed of in a protected landfill area first to minimise pollution of surface and ground water, soil and air. Later, those have to be gradually recycled, reused and incinerated.

No child left behind

In an open field adjacent to Gazipur’s Sal forest, groups of children, aged between four and 14, sit on floor mats doing their school lesson, while their teachers walk around, helping them out.

Free rides to hospital

Go to the CNG-run autorickshaw stand in Gazipur’s Board Bazar area, you can’t miss a three-wheeler with stickers on its front, back, sides and roof, reading “free for the poor, helpless and the physically-challenged”.

Tulips bloom for the first time in Bangladesh

A little piece of cropland in Sreepur upazila of Gazipur is now abuzz with local visitors after a couple in the area managed to harvest a full bloom of tulips, a plant that has grown for the first time in Bangladesh.

Trapped in flames; help never came

“We are trapped by the flames. We can’t go downstairs. Please help!” These were the words of Uttam Kumar Das as he called his cousin Ranajit after the fire broke out at an electric fan factory in Gazipur Sunday afternoon.

The success story of Jharna

Jharna Begum, who once sold clothes from door to door while covering her face to evade creditors, is now the centre of a tale of success that even intrigued the queen of the Netherlands.

An effort to reduce train accidents

Around 10am on a busy weekday, Joydevpur Railway Station was teeming with travellers eagerly waiting for their trains.

Living by making fishing rod

More than 50 families at Daleshahore village in Sreepur upazila earn their livelihood by making and selling bamboo-made fishing rods.

Humayun Ahmed's 6th death anniversary observed

Yesterday, on the occasion of beloved writer-director Humayun Ahmed's sixth death anniversary, his wife Meher Afroz Shaon, sons Ninit and Nishad, and father-in-law Mohammad Ali remembered the writer in Nuhash Polli, Gazipur, where he was buried.

Illegal parking chokes Dhaka-M'singh highway

Traffic jam has been an everyday phenomenon on Dhaka-Mymensingh highway as significant portions on both sides of the road at Chandna crossing in Gazipur remain occupied due to illegal parking of trucks and covered vans.

Teaching from the heart

When her husband died twelve years ago, it took quite a toll on Minara Begum, now 55, from Kornapur Crossing area of Gazipur's Sreepur upazila.

Families kept in wait, still

For the last one year, all the five women had was hope.

An accident shrouded in mystery

The death of a waste garment trader, Jakir Hossain, 42 in Gazipur, in an apparent road accident is shrouded in mystery. The Tk 27 lakh that he had been carrying with him disappeared.

Compositions of a carpenter

Nazrul Islam is a true artist masquerading as a professional carpenter. The man full of humour can't tell you his actual age. With a shy

Ahead it's all dark

The sole bread earner of an eleven-member family, Gias Uddin, a boiler mechanic at Multi-Fabs Dyeing Ltd in Gazipur, has been put in

Gazipur handmade puffed rice makers struggling

A good number of people at Barotopa village in Sreepur of Gazipur are now passing busy time producing muri (puffed rice) in a

Dilapidated Gazipur road's state worsens

If you go to Joina Bazar in Sreepur upazila of Gazipur presently, your journey may turn into a nightmare. If you get on a motor vehicle,

Akheri Munajat today

The first phase of three-day Biswa Ijtema, the second largest Muslim congregation after the Hajj, ends today with the Akheri Munajat seeking spiritual well-being and welfare of the Muslim Ummah.