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Kamal Ahmed’s 27th album released on Independent Day

Kamal Ahmed's 27th audio album, "Desher Mati", was released on Independence Day, March 26, under the banner of Music of Bengal. The album features 10 patriotic Tagore songs. The entire album was published on the YouTube channel of Music of Bengal.

"Desher Mati" will also be available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Boomplay, JioSaavn and many other streaming platforms. The hard copy of the album is also available. The music arrangement for the album has been done by Ibne Razon and the album is being distributed by Gaan Baksho.

Kamal Ahmed has released a total of 26 albums prior to this, most of which are centred on songs by Rabindranath Tagore. Over the course of his career, he has received several national and international awards, including the SAARC Cultural Society Award (2010), Bangabandhu Research Foundation Podok (2015) and Jatiya Rabindra Gobeshona & Charcha Kendra Shammanona (2019), just to name a few.


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আগামী অর্থবছরে করমুক্ত বার্ষিক আয়ের সীমা ৩ লাখ টাকা থেকে বাড়িয়ে সাড়ে ৩ লাখ টাকা করার প্রস্তাব করা হয়েছে। ক্রমবর্ধমান জীবনযাত্রার ব্যয়ের মধ্যে এটিই করদাতাদের কিছুটা স্বস্তি দেবে বলে আশা করা হচ্ছে।