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"My songs are meant for my fans"...Nancy

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Nancy, a popular singer, started her career in 2002. She has sung several jingles for TV. She became an enlisted artist at Bangladesh Betar in 2002 as a Nazrul, modern and folk singer, but her pop music career has garnered her popularity over the years.

In a recent conversation, she talked about bits and pieces of her life.

What is your hobby?

Nancy: I love reading and collecting books from my childhood. The two things that I love most are singing and being around books, so that I can read whenever I get the time.

Who are the people in your life who matter to you most?

Nancy: My entire family, not anyone specifically. It is just not love, but I also prioritize and respect them the same way.

Something that your fans don't know about you…

Nancy: I don't think there is much mystery about my life I have always been an open book for my family and fans. I believe a person should be open to the world, so that later in life, they don't face hurdles of any kind.

Tell us about your latest album...

Nancy: The reaction to my latest album “Dushtu Chhele” is great. I am happy that my fans loved it. After all, my songs are meant for them.

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