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12:00 AM, February 20, 2015 / LAST MODIFIED: 08:56 AM, April 10, 2015

''I forget everything when I sit down to write''…Anisul Hoque

Shah Alam Shazu

Anisul Hoque is a noted litterateur, journalist and playwright. His books have earned him major awards, including the Bangla Academy Award. Some of his books have been published at this year's Ekushey Book Fair. The Daily Star recently interviewed the wordsmith.

How many of your novels are being published at the fair?

Anisul Hoque: A novel “Prem” based on the love story of BUET students and anti-autocracy movement of the '80s. Publication house Prothoma is bringing it out. Besides, “Mayer Kache Fera”, narrating the touching life of a mother will be published by Somoy. It is basically a humanistic story.

What are the new storybooks readers are getting from you this fair?

Anisul Hoque:  I have penned one named “Coffee-chumu”, published by Pearl Publication. Some other write-ups on cartoon and columns are also in the pipeline.

Are you bringing out any special books marking your 50th birthday?

Anisul Hoque: My 50th birthday will be celebrated in March this year. On the occasion, Somoy Prokashoni will bring out a book named “Priyo Panchash Naam”, featuring some of my stories and novels, edited by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki.

What are your expectations from this fair?

Anisul Hoque: Although the sale of the books is not booming due to the country's political situation, I hope that a good number of readers will throng the fair to browse books

How do you view Suhrawardy Udyan as a venue for the fair?

Anisul Hoque: I want to see all the book stalls at this ground, while meetings, seminars and symposiums should be held on the Bangla Academy premises, so that the readers and publishers can get together.

Do you plan to visit the fair everyday?

Anisul Hoque: I have been addicted to the fair for years. But this time I cannot visit the fair after February 18, as I will travel to Canada and USA to attend book fairs there.

What do you most want as a writer?

Anisul Hoque: Time is the only thing I need in abundance, to be honest, and it is really very tough to manage that in real life. I forget everything when I sit down to write.

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