1 Minute Please: Shamim Hasan Sarkar

We caught up with the 'Squad Leader' for a rapid-fire interview! Shamim Hasan Sarkar came to the limelight in 2014 with his unique sense of humour and smash-hit YouTube channel 'Mango Squad', and never had to look back since. He has been featured in numerous tele-fictions, advertisements, music videos and more. During his spare time, the man of many talents likes to sip tea and make new tunes on his acoustic guitar.

Brazil or Argentina?

Brazil! However, I wouldn't resort to an all-out-fight over who is better. I am just a casual fan.

Tea or coffee?

Tea, any time any place! I am known as a chaa-khor amongst my friends and am simply addicted to tea.

Describe yourself in one word.

Honest. I believe that I have been honest about everything, be it as a person or as an actor.

Dream role?

I had always dreamt of becoming an army officer. Since I can't be one any more, I would like to play one on screen.

Co-actors you enjoy working with the most?

Ziaul Haque Palash, Siam Ahmed, Tasnovaa Elvin and Tasnuva Tisha.

Favourite fruit?

Mango, obviously! (Laughs) However, I love lychee as well, but 'lychee squad' does not sound quite right!


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