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“I learn from every role I play” … Bijori Barkatullah

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Bijori Barkatullah is an actress, model, singer and dancer. She has been in the media for over two decades. She started to act from 1993, with “Shukher Chharpotro,” directed by her father, Mohammad Barkatullah. In an interview with The Daily Star, she spoke about her works and experiences.

What are you doing these days?

Bijori: I am working in selective series and TV plays these days. I am currently doing two drama serials. In one I have completed the 13th episode and in the other the 52nd episode. I also did a tele-film for Tagore birth anniversary on 25 Baishakh.

What made you choose to be a part of the media?

Bijori: It was not a choice, rather my background that brought me here.

Both my parents were actors. My mother even acted during the time she was carrying me. Of course, it was mandatory for me to complete my education. When I graduated from Dhaka University, I had the option to pursue further studies. But I never did, because most importantly, I learn from every role I play.

The best compliment you have received…

Bijori: Well, everything is a compliment; even what a person says to undermine you, should be taken as a compliment. That way you will not get complacent. A child, smiling at you in recognition is also a compliment. An actor should accept all kinds of feedback as a compliment.

Do your personal and professional lives ever collide?

Bijori: It would be a lie to say that it has never conflicted. As a wife, as a mother and as a professional actor, it is most important to strike a balance. There are lots of things that I had to give up because of my family, but I don't regret it. I learnt from my parents. I have seen how they dealt with their professional lives, as they are both media personalities.

What is your dynamics with your fans?

Bijori: If you are in this profession you will definitely come across fans. There's one incident that I remember most, and O guess I will never forget it. In a shopping mall at Kolkata. Out of the blue a lady comes up to me and says “You are Bijori the actress from Bangladesh! You remind me of my daughter.” She hugged me in the middle of the mall – a complete stranger. And then she took a picture with me. I was taken aback for a moment because it was not my country and a complete stranger was hugging me, but it's a special memory now.

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