IUBAT celebrates International Pi-Day

Photo: Courtesy of IUBAT

International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT) observed Pi-Day on March 14, 2022 in their university campus. Various competitions, a Pi-rally, research seminars, and other programmes were organized on the occasion, by the Department of Quantitative Sciences with the support of IUBAT Mathematics Society. 

Prof Dr Abdur Rab was the chief guest of the closing ceremony.

Director of IQAC Prof Dr Khandoker Saif Uddin and Coordinator of Quantitative Sciences Dilip Kumar Das spoke at the closing event. 15 students were given prizes and certificates for a poster and quiz competition and a math race.

 Convener of the occasion Md Saiduzzaman also spoke on the occasion. The day-long programmes were a huge success with the enthusiastic and festive participation of the faculty members and students of IUBAT. The program closed with a cultural gala. Students and teachers expected that the organizing of such programs will help the students to love Mathematics.


নসরুল হামিদ
২৪ মিনিট আগে|বিদ্যুৎ ও জ্বালানি

ইলেকশনের বছর, সাবসিডি তুলে দিতে পারছি না: বিদ্যুৎ প্রতিমন্ত্রী

নির্বাচনের বছরে বিদ্যুৎ ও জ্বালানির দাম আন্তর্জাতিক বাজারের সঙ্গে ‘পুরোপুরি সমন্বয়’ করা সম্ভব হচ্ছে না বলে বিদ্যুৎ প্রতিমন্ত্রী নসরুল হামিদ জানিয়েছেন।