NCTB corrects over 400 errors in class 6, 7 textbooks

The National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) issued a series of corrections for over 400 errors in the textbooks of classes six and seven this academic year.

NCTB issued the subject-wise corrections in separate notifications on their official website on Friday.

These corrections will be sent to school heads, through the respective authorities, Prof Moshiuzzaman, member (Curriculum) of NCTB, told The Daily Star.

He said, "The committee reviewed all the 48 books (English and Bangla Version) of these two classes, to find out errors before issuing corrections."

Analysing the notifications, it was found that around 202 corrections were for class six textbooks while 226 corrections were made for class seven for Bangla version. Besides, some 56 corrections were issued in various books for the English version in these two classes.

It was found that, History and Social Science practice books of both the classes carried the most number of errors, while Bangla contained least number of errors.

When asked, how it can be helpful for teachers or students, as the corrections were being issued after four months, Prof Moshiuzzaman said "These are not any major errors or mistakes, which can hamper students' learning."

"At first, we planned to review only three books. But we went on reviewing all the books to find out all errors, which can help us in publishing better textbooks in future," he said.

He said teachers have to play the key role to implement these corrections at their schools. They will inform their students about the corrections when they go on taking classes on that specific topic or subject.