Aziza seeks ‘better future’ for Kabul children

Aziza Rahimzada, 14, hopes to spread her message of universal education and fundamental rights for Afghanistan's youth. Photo: AFP

As fighting goes on in different parts of Afghanistan between government forces and the Taliban, the struggle for a better economy and education also continues.

Despite overall improvement since the fall of the Taliban Afghanistan still struggles with education more than four million children are out of schools.

One young activist is trying to help her impoverished community by offering classes to children. Fourteen-year-old Aziza Rahimzada lives in one of the poorest areas of Kabul - a slum for refugees who fled the fighting from different provinces.

Aziza has been working hard to get running water into the slum and has started some basic classes for younger children.

She has been nominated for the 2015 International Children's Peace awards for her dedication to improving children's lives.

Shaimaa Khalil visited the class in Kabul.



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