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Expanded powers for poll winner

Under the new constitution, the president has strengthened executive powers to directly appoint top public officials including


Indian police arrest another Major suspect

An Indian Army Major was arrested in Uttar Pradesh's Meerut yesterday in connection with the murder of the wife of a fellow officer. The 30-year-old

Justin Trudeau

Trudeau fined $100 over gift of sunglasses

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pays a fine of $100 over a gift of sunglasses, CBC News reports.

unrest in Mexico

14 killed in Mexico shooting

At least 14 people are killed Saturday in three shooting incidents in the northern Mexican city of Juarez, notorious for its drug gang related violence.

N Korea still a nuke threat

N Korea still a nuke threat

US President Donald Trump has cited "an unusual and extraordinary threat" from North Korea's nuclear arsenal to extend sanctions on

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