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US hits Iran's supreme leader Khamenei with sanctions

The United States imposes sanctions against Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and top military chiefs, tightening the screws on a country that President Donald Trump threatened with "obliteration" if it seeks war.

Leaked documents show ‘red flags’ of Trump officials

One nominee was flagged for his relationship with Russia, another for his alleged ties to white supremacist groups, and several others for

Repatriate families of IS fighters: UN rights chief

Repatriate families of IS fighters: UN rights chief

The UN rights chief yesterday called for countries to repatriate family members of suspected foreign fighters in Syria, including

Vietnam jails US citizen for state overthrow plot

A court in Vietnam yesterday sentenced a US citizen to 12 years in prison after finding him guilty of “attempting to overthrow the state”

Top Sri Lanka defence official faces charges

Sri Lanka’s most senior defence official yesterday became the latest government figure to face possible criminal charges over “major

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