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Justin Trudeau's yoga pose is trending

Photo: Twitter page of Justin Trudeau/ Mashable

We know many things about the famous Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, but do we know about his impressive upper-body strength?

The slim and 6'2" Trudeau, balanced only on his wrists on a table, achieving a yogi-approved "peacock pose," or mayurasana, reports Mashable.

Even besides the biceps required, the pose is a powerful one, because the peacock represents "big things, like immortality and love," in Hindu lore, according to Yoga Journal.

The pose has a rich mythology based on the theme of peacocks destroying snakes that represent human flaws and attachments. It also has an extensive range of detoxifying physical benefits, according to athletic wear brand Athleta, which says "this pose strengthens the digestive system, stimulates metabolism, and purges your body of toxins by massaging the digestive organs, increasing the blood circulation, and strengthening the core” says the report in Mashable.

It seems the photo is pretty old. Trudeau tweeted it himself in 2013. It was given viral new life by a Facebook post by Canadian yoga teacher David Gellineau.

Since then the photo has been shared thousands of times in the internet.

Trudeau's abilities run in the family, it seems. There is a popular, widely circulated picture of his late father, former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, doing the same peacock pose.