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6 killed, many trapped in Bagerhat cement warehouse collapse

30 rushed to hospital
The photo taken during the rescue operation at the building site collapse in Mongla cement factory of Bagerhat on Thursday. At least 50 workers are feared to be trapped inside the collapsed building. Photo: Ahsan Habib Hasan

At least six workers were killed, 30 injured and many trapped when the roof of a cement warehouse collapsed at Mongla in Bagerhat this afternoon.

Six bodies have so far been pulled out from the debris, officials involved with the rescue operations told our Bagerhat correspondent.   

The Sena Kalyan Sangstha mill caved in around 1:00pm, our correspondent reports quoting Joinal Abedin, chief of Bagerhat Fire Brigade and Civil Defence.

Of the injured, 15 were admitted to Rampal Upazila Health Complex and 14 others to a medical centre run by the Mongla Port Authority.

Nizamul Haque Mollah, superintendent of police in Bagerhat, confirmed it to The Daily Star.

The roof collapsed when around 100 people were working at the extended part of an under-construction mill of Mongla Cement Factory, said Joynal Abedin, unit chief of Bagerhat fire brigade.

A high official at Sena Kalyan Sangstha seeking anonymity told The Daily Star that at least 90 people were working at the building during the accident.

The official, after visiting the collapsed site, said the death toll may go up as he had found two bodies trapped under the debris.

He added that the contract for the construction of the building has been awarded to the China National Building Material (CNBM) Company Limited, a state-owned firm of the country. 

ITCL, a construction company, was carrying on the roof moulding of the building as a local agent of the contracting company.

On information, members of coast guard, navy and fire brigade reached the spot and started the rescue operation.


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