Essential components to get the best out of your new PC

Illustration: Zarif Faiaz

While getting a new desktop computer is a great experience by itself, there are a few things that could elevate your day-to-day interaction with your computer. We bring you a couple of peripherals and some software to have, in no particular order, which could be an upgrade to your old setup. They could also have been the things that were left out when you bought the new PC.


Speccy is resource monitor software that provides you with various useful information, such as the temperature of your peripherals with the motherboard chipset and any additional internet network information. This software can help track temperatures of all the components in the computer and can also help identify if there are underlying problems if the temperatures are abnormally high.


WinKeys is an essential program mainly used to reprogram keys to a user's personal liking. This program benefits gamers the most, as the keys can be programmed in most keyboards. They can be used to set macros as well.

Overclocking software

There is no single software for overclocking, as the architecture solely depends on the motherboards. Most manufacturers have their own software, some with built-in presets for overclocking the peripherals. Please keep in mind that overclocking should always be done responsibly, as voltages can be tricky to match with temperatures, and they can ramp up fast.


A good set of speakers is always a welcome addition to any setup. Speakers will prevent you from wearing headphones for an extensive period of time, and will definitely help you listen to music in an open environment. If you are looking for recommendations, a good place to start would be the Edifier XM3, which offers Bluetooth support. It is fairly inexpensive, currently priced around Tk. 4,000/-.

Upgrade peripherals

Upgrading peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse makes interaction a lot more fun, whereas mechanical keyboards are getting more popular with both wired and wireless options. Good peripherals also contribute to ergonomics in day-to-day use. They provide a better angle to type or glide the mouse while gaming, thus keeping the user from wrist pain when using the computer for an extended period of time.

PC peripherals

When it comes to quick upgrades, cooling seems to be the easiest and most reliable in a desktop computer. Adding more fans to an air-cooler setup, or getting an AIO for the processor and making it hybrid is also a good option. Complete AIO setups do not require messing around with pipes that deliver the liquid, and are plug and play for the most part.