Bonton to provide WiFi-sharing services

Bonton, a WiFi-sharing app, has been making strides in solving crucial pain points of the general internet users, especially for young individuals and businesses. 

Bonton works by providing a platform for the 'host' to share their home/business WiFi with the user. Anybody can become a host by simply downloading the Bonton App from the Google Playstore, finding the share option there, and selecting which WiFi they choose to share. There is a guide in the app to help new users. To protect privacy and ensure safety, the host's WiFi is protected with two security levels. 

The user, too, needs to download the app to use the Bonton services. They, too, shall find a step-by-step guide to view the routers available for sharing on the map. The user can find the available routers nearby wherever they are and even zoom in. They can connect with them even when they do not have an internet balance nor a mobile network. All they need is the point system in the app to connect to one of the routers. 

Bonton users can use the internet for as little as 5 takas per day. Bonton also has an emergency balance system through which they can access services without mobile data.