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  • Man with Yaba in stomach

    Man with Yaba in stomach held at Dhaka airport

    A man with around 4180 Yaba tablets kept hidden in his stomach is held at the domestic terminal of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka.

  • Yaba Pills

    7 lakh yaba pills recovered from boat in Naf river

    Coast guards have recovered seven lakh pieces of contraband yaba pills from a boat in Naf River.

  • Yaba Pills

    Yaba Trade in Teknaf: Surrender has little impact

    The surrender of 102 drug lords on February 16 now seems merely an eyewash as the yaba empire in Teknaf remains mostly intact with some of their family members and paid agents taking care of the illegal trade.

  • yaba tablets found inside abandoned body

    1500 pieces of yaba found inside abandoned body in Dhaka

    A total of 1500 pieces of yaba tablets are found inside abandoned body of a woman in Dhaka.

  • Yaba tablets seized in Cox’s Bazar

    3 held with 8.45 lakh yaba pills

    The Rapid Action Battalion-1 yesterday claimed to have arrested three members of a yaba smuggling syndicate which brought the crazy drugs to Dhaka from Myanmar using a new sea route via Patuakhali for the last one year.

  • Rohingya refugee women

    3 held with 8 lakh yaba tablets

    Rapid Action Battalion claims to have arrested three members of a drug dealing syndicate with eight lakh pieces of yaba in Dhaka.

  • Youth held with yaba tablets at Dhaka airport

    Youth held with yaba at Dhaka airport

    The Airport Armed Police Battalion (AAPBn) arrests a passenger with 2000 yaba pills soon after he lands at the domestic terminal at the airport in Dhaka from Cox’s Bazar.

  • Yaba godfathers

    43 godfathers still at large

    Despite the surrender of 102 top narcos in Teknaf, yaba smuggling continues under the supervision of some listed godfathers and hundi traders who recently launched credit sales of the pink pills.

  • BGB member arrested with 480 yaba pills

    A Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) member was arrested from Sadarghat area in the capital with 480 pieces of yaba pills on Sunday night.

  • Yaba Smuggling in Cox's Bazar

    2 held while carrying yaba in stomach

    Detectives arrest two yaba traders from the city’s Uttar Khan area while they are carrying 2000 pieces of yaba tablets in their stomachs.

  • Yaba table

    A great cover!

    It seems drug dealers never run out of options to dodge law enforcers.

  • Yaba dealers using kids as mules

    Yaba traders are adopting new techniques every day to bring the pills to the capital. They are now using mostly homeless children, aged between 10 and 15 years, as drug mules. They pay the children to take the risks.

  • Cox's Bazar's 'Yaba Village': Paid agents now running the show

    One would be mesmerised by the duplex mansions by the 13km road between Teknaf Zero Point and Shah Porir Island. Most of the mansions are in the middle of farmland, forest or just beside the road.

  • Yaba Trade in Cox's Bazar: Situation changes, so does strategy

    With law enforcers locking up listed drug dealers and smugglers, new groups are filling their shoes adopting generous marketing strategies, including sales on credit. They are also using new routes to smuggle in yaba from Myanmar.

  • Novel trick, indeed!

    Amid ongoing drives against yaba, drug peddlers are coming up with new techniques to carry the crazy pills.

  • Magical way to get rich

    Take a trip down the Cox's Bazar-Teknaf highway, and you cannot miss the eye-catching duplex building by the main road near Leda station.

  • 5 ‘drug traders’ held in Kadamtoli

    Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) claims arrest of five drug traders from Dhaka’s Kadamtoli area.

  • Six caught with 40,000 yaba pills

    Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) yesterday detained six people in possession of 40,000 yaba pills from inside a microbus in the city's Golapbag area.

  • Emergency service for road accident victims

    HC rule for action against four cops for selling yaba

    The High Court issues a rule asking the government to explain in four weeks why it should not be directed to immediately take departmental action against four police officers including the superintendent of Cox’s Bazar police on charge of selling around 10 lakh yaba pills to drug traders.

  • Yaba coming in Bangladesh via new route

    Yaba coming in via new route

    Drug dealers are now smuggling yaba from Myanmar into Bangladesh through the Indian border with three districts in greater Sylhet using Mizoram, Meghalaya and Assam as the conduit route.

  • drug trader killed

    4 killed in 'shootouts'

    Two alleged drug peddlers and two suspected robbers were killed in separate incidents of “shootouts” in three districts early yesterday.

  • Yaba couple-drug dealer Farhana Akhtar alias Papia

    'Yaba couple' captured

    Farhana Akhtar alias Papia married a drug dealer when she was just a teenager. She learnt the ins and outs of the illicit business pretty soon and expanded its network, especially by recruiting females.

  • Anti-Drug Campaign in Bangladesh

    Anti-Drug Raids: Three more killed in 'gunfights'

    Three more alleged drug peddlers were killed in “gunfights” in Rangpur, Thakurgaon and Dinajpur districts early yesterday amid the ongoing nationwide anti-narcotics drive.

  • Anti-narcotics Drive: 75 held in capital's Jatrabari, Mirpur

    A total of 75 people were arrested by police in separate anti-narcotics drives at Jatrabari and Mirpur area yesterday, increasing the tally of arrests in the drive to around 400 over the last three days.

  • A war that might not go anywhere

    We are talking about the body counts -- the deaths in “gunfights” in the current anti-drug war. After all, we are now witnessing the bloodiest anti-crime drive with death tolls already surpassing that of the Operation Clean Heart (57 deaths) or even the anti-militant drive after the Gulshan attack (80 deaths).

  • Dangerous drug Yaba

    Small or not, all had links with big guns

    With the blessing of a top ruling party leader of the upazila and greasing the palms of policemen every month, Sabdul Mondol of Kaliganj in Jhenidah had run the illegal business for the last one decade, said locals and relatives.

  • YABA out of control

    It's now a national crisis. The influx of deadly yaba appears to have gone beyond control despite efforts by law enforcement agencies to contain it.

  • Source of sickness

    Abir* first tried yaba out of curiosity with one of his neighbours. Eight years later, he is now fully addicted to the drug, having taken it regularly for the past seven years.

  • Yaba Invasion-2: An open affair with death

    It was like wooing customers to have kebab and biriyani at popular Bihari restaurants. Only a few steps into the Camper Bazar, youths in small groups were looking for potential customers, holding packets full of pink tablets.

  • Yaba invasion -1: Hostage to Myanmar

    It's called crazy medicine. Produced in Myanmar, the dangerous drug very easily crosses the border and reaches cities, towns and villages of Bangladesh through various channels -- sometimes in full knowledge of law enforcers. It now seems unstoppable and is poised to cripple the country's biggest hope -- the youth.