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  • Rural women's double jeopardy

    JUST how vulnerable the village women are to harassment, coercion and graft while seeking justice or claiming other entitlements has been brought to bold relief by a TIB study.

  • #SheForHe

    THE International Woman's Day comes every year with new campaigns, new tag lines, new slogans and newer pledges. Every year, there seems to be more men endorsing women's rights.

  • Women's Day

    Feminist solidarity in neoliberal times

    ANOTHER International Women's Day has come and gone. This year, my Facebook feed was jammed with passionate debates on the merits of the BBC documentary 'India's Daughters.'

  • Youth killed for protesting stalking

    A youth is stabbed to death for protesting against the stalkers of his cousin in Baufal upazila of Patuakhali