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  • cervical cancer in Bangladesh

    6,582 die of cervical cancer in Bangladesh each year

    About 11,956 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer in Bangladesh every year and over 6,582 die of the disease, experts say, adding that no woman should die of cervical cancer as it can be treated and cured if it is diagnosed early.

  • Diphtheria in Bangladesh

    Return of diphtheria rings alarm

    There has been no reported diphtheria case in Bangladesh for the last 35 years. But the highly contagious disease, long forgotten in most part of the world due to increased vaccination, has made a sudden comeback.

  • Australia to adopt "no jab, no pay" policy

    Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announces his nation will adopt a "no jab, no pay" policy to block parents who refuse to vaccinate their children from accessing some government benefits.