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  • Traffic chaos as hawkers, workers block roads

    The beginning of Ramadan is when city dwellers enjoy less chaotic traffic on streets but yesterday, the first day of the holy month, people endured standstill traffic for hours in downtown Dhaka as agitating hawkers blocked several roads in Gulistan.

  • Traffic chaos

    Traffic's trial with remotes

    City authorities have tried out a host of “solutions” to control chaotic traffic over the decades. The result? All the money went down the drain and the situation turned from bad to worse.

  • People bear the brunt of traffic chaos

    City residents suffered dreadful traffic snarl-ups yesterday afternoon as Nagorik Committee organised a huge rally at the Suhrawardy Udyan.

  • Jam? What jam?

    Surprise, surprise! Why are these headlines – Traffic goes haywire, City chokes on jam and so on -- hogging the newspaper pages? So what if the cars stop dead on the streets? Well, I did not feel anything and I crisscrossed this small city and reached all the spots on time yesterday! What was wrong with all these people!

  • Traffic jam chokes Dhaka

    Commuters today suffered in the sweltering heat on the city roads as most of them had to spend at least thirty minutes to an hour more than the usual time to reach their destinations due to an unusual traffic jam.

  • Gulshan, Banani and Baridhara

    No respite for Gulshan until 2017

    If you visit Dhaka’s Gulshan, Banani and Baridhara areas nowadays, you will have to brace yourself for never-ending traffic, dust and mud. And there is always a risk that you may even fall into a ditch. The posh areas are now undergoing a development work including widespread road digging, which has led to this miserable situation.

  • DMP bans stickers of various professions on vehicles

    Dhaka Metropolitan Police will not allow use of stickers on vehicles identifying various professions like journalists, police and lawyers.

  • Not autorickshaw, public bus suggested for Dhaka roads

    Instead of introducing more buses, the government is moving to allow 5,000 more CNG-run auto-rickshaws on Dhaka streets, which has the potential to worsen the perennial congestion.

  • Programme, demo cripple Dhaka

    Inaugural of the Mouchak-Moghbazar flyover and a road blockade enforced by nursing students at Shahbagh have led to traffic sufferings for the Dhaka dwellers.

  • 10km tailback on Dhaka-Ctg highway

    A head-on collision between a truck and a covered van in Comilla has triggered a 10 kilometre long tailback on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway.

  • Binturong

    'Wildlife for sale' on Malaysian Facebook

    Wildlife monitoring network Traffic finds hundreds of protected animals for sale on Facebook groups in Malaysia, including sun bears, gibbons, and binturongs, also known as bearcats.

  • Mirpur Road blocked over death of student

    Students of a private university block Dhaka’s key thoroughfare Mirpur Road in protest against death of a student in road crash.

  • Delhi

    World's most polluted city, Delhi, plans new limits on car use

    The Delhi government plans another round of tough measures to restrict the use of private cars and clean up toxic air in the Indian metropolis, the world's most polluted city.

  • 15km tailback on Dhaka-Ctg highway

    A 15 kilometre tailback has ensued on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway after a truck broke down on the Meghna bridge in Munshiganj.

  • Most Ctg auto-rickshaws run without meters

    Most of the CNG-run auto rickshaws are operating in the port city of Chittagong without fare meters ignoring government directives.

  • 14km new link road gets govt nod

    The government has taken up three projects aimed at ensuring smooth traffic flow on the exit routes from the capital.

  • Total chaos at Shahbagh intersection

    The reckless driving of buses at Shahbagh and Matsya Bhaban intersections continued yesterday even after horrific deaths of two schoolgirls in the areas on Saturday.

  • Web Review: Get traffic alerts on Facebook

    The traffic condition in Dhaka is getting worse with time. But now, you can get updates on the traffic status of your route and decide beforehand whether to take an alternative route to reach your destination.

  • Eid rush, rain cause 20km-tailback on highway

    Thousands of passengers face untold sufferings on Dhaka-Tangail highway due to a 20-kilometre tailback caused by incessant rain and heavy pressure of vehicles ahead of Eid-ul-Azha since early morning.

  • Long tailback on Dhaka-Tangail highway

    A 65km long tailback ensues on the Dhaka-Tangail highway as holidaymakers make return journey after Eid.

  • China's '300' subdued by police

    Half-naked models, dressed as Spartan warriors similar to the action-fantasy film "300" are subdued by Beijing police while taking part in a marketing stunt,

  • Journey home made terrible

    People rushing for home to celebrate Eid feel the pinch of inadequate transport and road capacity as well the poorly manned traffic at some points of their journey but for Masud Rana the trip was horrible all through right from the beginning.

  • Traffic police mercilessly beat youth (video)

    Three policemen mercilessly beat a youth over a trivial issue in Dhaka.

  • Long tailback on Dhaka-Ctg highway

    Traffic on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway suffers a blow after a truck lost one of its tyres in Comilla creating a 22-kilometre long tailback.

  • Govt steps in to ease Eid traffic

    Road transport and bridges ministry asks the authorities concerned not to ply any truck, lorry and covered-van on the highways for three days before and after the Eid-ul-Fitr.

  • City dwellers gasp in gridlock

    In addition to water-logging on some key city roads, vehicles passing through Gulshan-1, Gulshan-2, Rampura, Badda and Baridhara remained stuck for hours as police cleared route for passage of the prime minister.

  • Panthapath out of danger, opens to traffic

    Traffic on Panthapath’s southern lane resumes cleared off for danger four days after it was sealed following the collapse of National Bank’s under-construction site.

  • Agitation for national celebration of Nazrul’s birthday

    Aggrieved locals block the busy Dhaka-Mymensingh road for nearly an hour demanding national celebration of National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam’s birth anniversary.

  • Traffic constable ‘beaten up’ by auto-rickshaw drivers

    A group of auto-rickshaw drivers beat up a traffic police constable allegedly for seizing a battery-run auto-rickshaw at Meradia of Khilgaon in Dhaka