Students’ protest for safe roads in Dhaka | The Daily Star
  • private university student get bail

    3 ministers slam BNP over protest

    Three ministers have blasted the BNP over the ongoing student protest that has spread across the country.

  • A new law is not the answer

    In Bangladesh it is easy to pass a law and then forget about its implementation and making any real effort to correct the system.

  • Protesters resolute

    Rejecting assurances from three ministers, student protesters hit the streets for the fifth straight day yesterday, issuing a clarion call to meet their demands for a safe and orderly road and justice for their two fellows killed in recent road crash.

  • Road accident protest in Dhaka

    ASK condemns cop action on students

    Rights group Ain O Salish Kendra (ASK) condemns the police action on agitating students demonstrating in Dhaka demanding safe roads.