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  • Forensic team examining BB computers

    A forensic team is examining all computers of the Bangladesh Bank to determine how a malware hacked into the payment system of the central bank and stole $101 million.

  • Cybercriminals stole billions last year

    Leading international software security group Kaspersky in its recent reports on worldwide cyber crime has placed Bangladesh in the world's number one position in both mobile malware attacks and offline attacks and 19th position on online attack target.

  • Samsung, LG lock horns with new Android platform

    The problem stems from the fact that there is just one flagship iPhone running Apple's iOS platform, however a number of Android licensees are fighting it out to identify a hardware contender that can woo premium buyers.

  • iPhones 'disabled' if Apple detects third-party repairs

    The latest software update for iPhone 6 handsets is allegedly rendering the devices useless if it detects repairs not carried out by Apple.

  • Software Technology Park opens for IT start-ups

    A Software Technology Park is inaugurated that will prioritise start-up businesses in the information technology (IT) sector of Bangladesh.

  • Kaspersky boss warns of emerging cybercrime threats

    Russian online security specialist Eugene Kaspersky says cybercriminals will one day go for bigger targets than PCs and mobiles, sabotaging entire transport networks, electrical grids or financial systems.

  • Microsoft opens to Android, Apple apps

    Microsoft Corp is making it easier for apps written for rival Google Inc's Android and Apple Inc's iOS systems to work on Windows phones, in a bid to attract users to its unpopular mobile devices.

  • Make your own robots!

    A new device developed by Polish scientists acts as a robot's central nervous system and provides people with the hardware and software to build almost any type of robot they can think of

  • Millions at risk from 'Freak' bug

    Microsoft issues a security warning about a bug called ‘Freak’ that lets attackers spy on supposedly secure communications