Shipbreaking Workers | The Daily Star
  • An unjustifiable human cost

    We are shocked by the news that at least six workers involved in shipbreaking and recycling were killed in the first three months of 2018, the latest as recently as Wednesday morning.

  • Workers' safety must come first

    We are shocked at the recent deaths of two workers at the shipbreaking yards in Sitakunda.

  • 15 workers killed this year

    At least 15 workers were killed and more than a hundred injured in accidents at different shipbreaking yards in Chittagong this year

  • Shipbreaking workers in peril

    In this paper we have written many times about the hazardous working conditions at shipbreaking yards.

  • Life at death yard

    Frequent accidents have been claming lives or seriously injuring many workers in Chittagong shipbreaking yards over the years, largely