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  • A powerful idea that can inspire community-driven development in Bangladesh

    I went to Rwanda as part of the Sustainable Healthy and Learning City (SHLC) project, a consortium, to conduct research and explore global challenges to create sustainable and healthy cities in developing countries.

  • A cruel mockery of 'Never Again'

    1994 should have been a watershed year in human history; a year to feel ashamed of humanity's failure to stop a genocide that resulted in the deaths of 800,000 mostly Tutsis in Rwanda; a year to mend the mistakes that allowed the atrocities to happen, and to build solid defence against such atrocities in the future; it should have been truly a year of re-learning the lessons from death and destruction.

  • Don't let Myanmar go Rwanda's way

    It has been over three weeks that the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres had issued a letter, unprecedented in the last 28 years since the 1989 Lebanon conflict, to the Security Council for its action on the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar.

  • Rwanda's capital wants to clear its streets of hawkers

    Already boasting one of the cleanest urban centers in Africa, authorities in Rwanda's capital want thousands of street hawkers to form registered co-operatives or find formal work as they try to raise taxes and make the city even tidier, the mayor said.

  • World first 'drone-port' planned in Rwanda

    Cargo drone routes capable of delivering urgent and precious supplies to remote areas on a massive scale will be seen in Rwanda soon.