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  • Digital Sexual Harassment in Digital Bangladesh

    In a society where violence against women in private and public spaces goes unpunished, is it any wonder that sexual harassment in the cyber domain continues to be firewalled?


    In the last few weeks, there seemed to form a large divide between people, both offline and online.

  • Bangladesh Supreme Court directed to pay Moon Cinema hall Compensation

    Why not forming taskforce to address rights violation by cops: HC

    High Court asks government to explain why it should not direct to form a permanent task force to address the incident of violation of human rights by law enforcers.

  • Police brutality again!

    We deplore in the strongest possible terms the police brutality on the activists, some of them women, who were demanding the arrest and trial of criminals who, as an orgainsed gang, sexually harassed a number of women during the Bengali New Year.

  • Police brutality video goes viral (video)

    A video on police’s brute force to crush a demonstration against their failures to make any arrest over the Pahela Baishakh sexual assault on women has gone viral on different social media including Facebook.

  • Sexual assault: An everyday tale (video)

    Woman are subjected to sexual harassment daily.They tell stories of the everyday harassment they face on the streets, in public places and at work regardless of age or class.

  • Sexual assault: Resistance ideas pour on social media (video)

    Social networking platforms Facebook, Twitter witness users exchange ideas of resisting harassment to women as protests against the Pahela Baishakh assault continue.