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  • Big dream, grim reality

    Finance Minister AMA Muhith has really dreamt of a big budget in every respect -- from expenditure to revenue generation. And he no longer wants to live in the 6 percent GDP class to push beyond 7 percent. But his big dream promises to put extra pressure on people across the board, as he plans through his VAT and other tax proposals to extract that extra penny from every pocket.

  • 'Mega' challenge

    In the stumbling block of concrete mess at Moghbazar, Minhaz Abedin waits patiently every day, worrying about his unemployed son, something he has been doing for the past three years now.

  • Budget to get 30pc bigger

    The size of the upcoming budget may go up by 30 percent from the current fiscal year's revised outlay as the government seeks to fast-track the giant projects and complete one or two in its current tenure. The planned Tk 340,600 crore budget for fiscal 2016-17 would be 17.4 percent of the gross domestic product. In terms of share in the GDP, the planned budget is almost the same as the budget of fiscal 2015-16.

  • Projected growth to hit 7 percent

    According to Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics' (BBS) provisional data, the economy is projected to grow at a rate exceeding 7 percent in the current fiscal.

  • Budget 2015-2016: GDP growth and private investment

    Bold and aggressive measures are needed to establish specialised economic zones to attract private investment. Large scale public investments are required for special economic zones. Thus, the call for very ambitious growth target for revenue seems justifiable.