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  • The future of 'Naya Pakistan'

    The “second democratic transition” in Pakistan was marred with pre-poll suicide attacks which killed three contestants as well as scores of their supporters especially in Quetta.

  • Pakistan's Imran Khan faces tough test in looming economic crisis

    Equity and bond markets have welcomed Imran Khan's victory in Pakistan's disputed election, but the former cricket hero faces a tough slog to avert a currency crisis and implement long-term reforms needed to end decades of boom-and-bust cycles.

  • EU monitors team says Pakistan election not a level playing field

    A European Union monitoring team says that the campaign for Pakistan’s general election this week featured a “lack of equality” that meant it was not a level playing field for all parties.

  • Mahesh Malani becomes first non-Muslim to win NA seat

    Pakistan Peoples Party's (PPP) Mahesh Kumar Malani becames the first non-Muslim to win a general seat in the National Assembly since the amendment in Legal Framework Order was passed in 2002 in Pakistan, he told Dawn today.

  • Imran Khan awaits final poll tally to begin coalition building

    Pakistan's electoral commission is expected to announce the full results of a disputed election today, paving the way for the winner, former cricket hero Imran Khan, to begin searching for coalition partners.

  • Election ‘stolen’, results ‘tainted, dubious’: Nawaz

    In his first reaction over elections in Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, the incarcerated leader of the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N), alleges that the polls have been “stolen”.

  • Pakistan general elections result 2018

    Pakistan Polls: PTI leads with 110 NA seats

    Election Commission (ECP) of Pakistan releases 95 per cent of the provisional results of National and the four provincial assemblies.

  • Imran declares victory, promises wide-ranging reforms

    Pakistan's cricket legend Imran Khan declares victory in a divisive general election marred by a long delay in ballot counting and allegations of vote rigging by most opponents.

  • Religious parties fail to make their presence felt

    Unlike in the by-polls held for a National Assembly constituency in the city around a year ago, religious parties and groupings fail to make their presence felt in the July 25 general election.

  • Khan supporters celebrate as Pakistan faces electoral chaos

    Pakistan wakes to electoral chaos with the outgoing ruling party denouncing "blatant rigging" in the pivotal general election and rejecting unofficial, partial results suggesting victory for former cricket champion Imran Khan.

  • Imran’s Pakistan beckons

    Imran Khan’s wish — a set of wishes including one where he asked for a government without difficult allies — has come true. Amid protestations in a shocked Lahore by the Pakistan Muslim League-N, the signs are that they are going to have the same Pakistan running through from Chitral to Sadiqabad. This is quite a remarkable capture given how fractured the Punjab-Khyber Pakhtunkhwa stretch has appeared politically over the last few years.

  • Post polls crisis looms large over Pakistan

    Massive delays and allegations of rigging dominate the early hours of Thursday in Pakistan, where official election results are still not announced even 15 hours after polling ended. Preliminary results, however, indicate that Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has obtained a clear edge over other parties as results trickle in.

  • PPP’s ‘minus Zardari’ formula has worked well for its campaign

    The PPP concluds its election campaign without the active participation of Asif Ali Zardari.

  • Shahbaz, Bilawal and Imran cast their votes

    The chiefs of the three biggest competing parties the General Election 2018, PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan and PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, cast their votes as polling went underway on Wednesday.

  • Pakistan election 2018 blast

    31 killed in suicide blast on Pakistan polling station

    At least 31 people are killed and dozens injured in a suicide bomb attack on a polling station in restive southwest Pakistan as millions voted in a nationwide election.

  • Polls security: Pak-Afghan border point closed

    The authorities in Balochistan have sealed the Pak-Afghan border crossing at Chaman for three days -- July 24-26 -- as part of the security measures taken to ensure peaceful conduct of elections across the province.

  • Pakistan polls: It's a rich man's world

    Many people dislike the idea of rich businessmen parachuting into a constituency a month before the election and buying their way into the legislature.

  • From gutters and war zones, Pakistan's colourful election candidates

    There is the ecologist, the "semi-corrupt", the opportunist, and the indestructible. Alongside Pakistan's mainstream politicians a battery of flamboyant candidates are contesting nationwide elections on July 25.

  • Pakistan politics

    FACTBOX: Islamist parties running in Pak polls

    Religious parties - some new, others long-established - are fielding more than 1,500 candidates for national and provincial assemblies in Pakistan's general election on July 25.