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  • Onions should not make you cry

    When things hit rock bottom humans have a tendency to find ways to laugh at them. It is related to that ambivalence of a bizarre event when you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  • onion price in Bangladesh

    Traders must sell onions at govt-fixed rate: DSCC Mayor

    Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Mayor Sayeed Khokon says traders in his area will have to sell onion at the price fixed by the government, otherwise, actions will be taken against them.

  • Onion price increase

    ‘Country’s onion stock now 3 lakh tonnes’

    Amid the skyrocketing price hike of onion, Commerce Secretary Jafar Uddin warns that the government would go for tough legal action if anyone attempts unstable the market.

  • Onion price rise in Bangladesh

    Onion price shoots up by around 71% in a day

    Onion price at the retail markets in Bangladesh goes up to around 71 per cent per kg within a day, the highest level in last several years, as the wholesalers reportedly jacked up the price following India’s ban on the ingredient export.

  • Onion price low in Bangladesh

    'Onion price to go down in 24hrs'

    The prices of onion, an essential cooking ingredient, will go down in 24 hours because of the government’s measures and for its adequate supply in the market, a member of Bangladesh Tariff Commission (BTC) has assured.

  • onion price in Bangladesh

    ‘Sell onion in open markets to keep prices within limit’

    Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi asks Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) to take immediate measures to sell daily essential commodities including onion, sugar and garlic in open markets to keep prices of those within limit of common people.

  • onion price in bangladesh

    Lax monitoring blamed for onion price hike ahead of Eid

    Both the homegrown and imported onions are getting pricey ahead of Eid-ul-Azha despite the fact that government allowed a duty free import of Indian onion.