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  • BB heist: FBI suspects insider involvement

    US Federal Bureau of Investigation finds evidence that at least one Bangladesh Bank employee acted as an accomplice of hackers. Investigators suspect it was partly an inside job, WSJ reports

  • NY Fed feared cyber attacks before BB heist

    In the years leading up to hackers stealing $81 million from a Bangladesh central bank account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, senior Fed security officials examined the risk of such an attack - but judged the prospect unlikely, bank sources said.

  • BB fund: Fed could but failed to stop cyber heist

    It seems, had the Federal Reserve Bank of New York been cautious about financial transactions, the hacked funds of Bangladesh Bank could easily be stopped from being transferred to banks in the Philippines and Sri Lanka, and from there to the pockets of the hackers.

  • 6 Sri Lankans banned from leaving after Bangladesh bank hack

    A Sri Lankan court has banned foreign travel by six directors of a foundation that police say was supposed to have received some of the money stolen from Bangladesh central bank's account.

  • Conduct thorough probe

    US Congresswoman Carolyn B Maloney has raised some serious questions about the New York Federal Reserve Bank's actions regarding the $101-million heist from the Bangladesh Bank account.

  • Confusion, panic order of the day

    Confusion and panic was the order of the day at the Bangladesh Bank yesterday, a day after its governor Atiur Rahman stepped down and two deputy governors were removed hastily amid strong criticism over the central bank's handling of the $101 million cyber theft.

  • Rizal Commercial Banking Corp

    Philippine bank let fund withdrawal despite NY bank stop order

    The Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. allows the withdrawal of the bulk of the funds suspected to have been stolen by computer hackers from the Bangladeshi central bank despite having received an order from its counterpart banks abroad to stop the payment.

  • Atiur Rahman

    $101m heist: Atiur quits as BB governor

    Bangladesh Bank Governor Atiur Rahman submits resignation letter to the PM amid criticism over the heist of US$101m from the central bank’s account with Federal Reserve Bank of New York by hackers last month.

  • Muhith fumes at central bank

    Finance Minister AMA Muhith yesterday said he would take action against Bangladesh Bank for keeping him in the dark for more than a month about the theft of $101 million from the BB account with the New York Federal Reserve Bank. The central bank came to know about the incident two days after cyber thieves stole the money from the BB account on February 4 midnight when all the BB staff went on the two-day weekly holiday, according to BB officials.

  • Hackers' bid to steal $870m more foiled

    The hackers who stole Bangladesh Bank's money were on their way to pull off a heist of about $1 billion, but the banking system responded in time to stop the transfer of $870 million from the central bank's account with the New York Federal Reserve Bank.