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  • The fuss about ISIS and what we need to do

    The murders of bloggers, intellectuals, priests, academicians, rights activists, and also persons of ordinary vocations committed by allegedly extremist groups...

  • Unlike any that came before

    Evidence emerged in 2014 that the IS' success in the battlefield had a lot to do with the disenfranchised Ba'ath party members of Iraq.

  • 'Islamic State': Let it not be a red herring

    The quick 'acknowledgment' of the killings by the IS, the method of which does not fit the IS footprint, raises doubts about the veracity of the post. However, let the IS issue not be a red herring.

  • Turkish PM blames Ankara bombing on IS

    The Islamic State (IS) group is the prime suspect in the Ankara bombings that killed nearly 100 on Saturday, Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu says.

  • IS or not, how does it matter?

    While it is essential to eliminate IS link without dismissing outright the possibility of their existence in this country, it is also essential to identify and nab the perpetrators, keeping our mind open to all the possible motives for the killings.

  • Iran holds anti-Islamic State cartoon contest

    Not long after staging a cartoon contest satirizing the Holocaust, a group in Iran launched another event — this time, aimed at the Islamic State extremist group.