Irregularities in Bangladesh Banking Sector

What’s driving the government’s U-turn on banking sector reform?

One must ask: how does the government expect to implement proper corrective measures without bringing in full transparency?

Why delay probing money launderers?

Investigators sitting on information about Dubai real estate purchase despite HC order

Could covenants save our banks from defaulted loans?

As of September 2022, NPLs have soared over Tk 134,000 crores.

The never-ending crisis in our banking sector

Bangladesh Bank, which is supposed to oversee the governance of the country’s financial institutions, has rather supported these irregular activities through its policies and actions.

International Anti-Corruption Day / Salvage the banking sector, unmask the kingpins

As a result of the game of secrecy of the real beneficiaries, those involved in banking sector corruption and money laundering have hardly been brought to justice.

Hold the elite to account

Investigation into financial irregularities the first step forward

The rise and fall of Islami Bank

There are rumours in the market that a highly politically powerful business group is going to take over the ownership of the bank from S Alam Group.

Big budget, bigger corruption

Lack of accountability and the culture of impunity destroyed governance from within.

Financial sector reforms necessary to get rid of default loans

Even though the amount of our default loans is over Tk 130,000 crore, according to the government accounts, IMF suggests it is almost over Tk 300,000 crore.

January 23, 2019
January 23, 2019

Legal notice seeks inquiry in bank irregularities

A rights group has served legal notice to the government for an inquiry into irregularities in the banking sector of Bangladesh during the last 20 years.