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  • A war for oil-Last Part: The fragmented land

    The Iraq War, in its aftermath, has created dreaded forces like the al-Qaeda, the IS, the ISIS, or the ISIL. As the various regions of the Middle East today lie in ruins, causing hundreds and thousands to flee as refugees, the Shias and Sunnis battle out their centuries-old rivalries to regain superiority in a land balkanized along ethnic identities.

  • A war for oil #11: The rise and fall of Blair

    Tony Blair's rise to power was meteoric. With his “New Labour, New Britain” slogan he snatched the biggest victory for his party

  • A war for oil #9: Digging a grave for Saddam

    Desperate for a regime change in Iraq, the US was planning all types of unethical and immoral tricks to goad Saddam into a war even

  • A war for oil #8: A win for media, in the end

    The saga of the BBC-government row over the 45-minute dossier yielded one universal lesson – in any unjust fight between the media

  • A war for oil #7: How the dossier doctoring came out

    The infamous “45 minutes to doom” dossier that Tony Blair used to take his country to invade Iraq also caused huge tumult in the UK when BBC first found out that the dossier was “sexed up” at the directive of Downing Street to make false claims of Saddam having WMD.

  • A war for oil #6: Of a taxi driver and Iraq invasion

    “45 minutes from doom”, the most significant dossier that Tony Blair produced to convince his country that Saddam Hussein actually possessed WMD and that he could hit British mainland within 45 minutes of an order, was completely false.