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  • Combo deal for Dhaka dwellers

    At least three times the typical high-end broadband speed, TV service, video-on-demand, and internet telephony through a single cable from this Pahela Baishakh is what a local company is promising Dhaka dwellers.

  • new internet connection in Bangladesh

    Global internet shutdown likely in next 48 hrs

    Internet users across the world may experience network failures for some time as key domain servers are slated to undergo routine maintenance and will be powered down. Connection issues may be faced for 48 hours due to the global internet shutdown.

  • Forcing internet giants to pay tax

    If the influence of Google and Facebook continues to grow at this pace and regulators let them get away without giving a fair share of their income to the regulators and publishers, we will be digging our own grave.

  • Bangladesh Internet Connection disruption

    Internet to be slow for next 4 days

    People in Bangladesh are likely to experience slow internet in the next three to four days due to maintenance work on a primary submarine cable in the Bay of Bengal.

  • Internet disruption likely from Oct 23

    Internet users are likely to face disruption in data services for three to four days from October 23 due to maintenance work of the first submarine cable in the Bay of Bengal.

  • Ronaldo, Manchester United top Chinese internet tables

    Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo is comfortably the most influential soccer player online in China, while Manchester United are the most dominant club, according to a report.

  • Mobile bills to go up

    The cost of using a mobile phone would go up by more than two percent as the proposed budget looks to hike the supplementary duty on SIM usage.

  • Ad-blocking software use for mobile surges: study

    The use of ad-blocking software for mobile devices has nearly doubled in the past year, raising questions about the viability of online media business models.

  • Internet subscription crosses 6cr milestone

    Internet subscription in Bangladesh crossed six crore milestone last month with mobile connections dominating more than 90 percent of it, the telecom authority says. By March-end, the number of active internet connection stood at 6 crore 12 lakh.

  • Facebook lets blind people 'see' photos

    As the internet becomes dominated by images, Facebook is launching a system which can "read" photos and tell visually impaired people what appears in them.

  • Power for bandwidth

    Dhaka and New Delhi yesterday officially inaugurated the supply of 10GBps broadband internet from Bangladesh to India and 100MW power from India to Bangladesh, in yet another move towards stronger ties.

  • Internet by light promises to leave Wi-Fi eating dust

    Connecting your smartphone to the web with just a lamp -- that is the promise of Li-Fi, featuring Internet access 100 times faster than Wi-Fi with revolutionary wireless technology.

  • Seminar on “E-Commerce in Bangladesh”

    Bill Gates had once quoted, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”.

  • Microsoft quarterly profit slips

    Microsoft shares rally after the tech colossus reported earnings on Thursday that surpassed Wall Street expectations with a winning shift into the Internet cloud.

  • Eritrea ‘appalled’ by hoax forced polygamy story

    A satirical story that Eritrean men have been ordered to marry at least two wives, which has been shared across Africa, has upset Eritrean officials.

  • Google paid $1bn for search spot on iPhones: Report

    US Internet giant Google pays Apple a billion dollars in 2014 to be the go-to search tool on iPhones, Bloomberg reported, citing court documents.

  • Reliability of Online News Sources

    With the advent of the Internet, several of our mundane tasks got shifted. The Internet gives quick access to news and some of us often rely on it but how can you say for sure what you read on the Internet is hard fact?

  • ‘Telecom operators will be forced to compensate call drops’

    The country’s mobile phone operators will be forced to compensate their users for call drops, State Minister for Telecommunication Tarana Halim says

  • Not WHY, but HOW?

    Can we for one minute assume a dog needs to wear pants? In doing so, how you think it would wear it?

  • Mobile internet use drops after Facebook bar

    Telecom regulator registers 5.14 crore active mobile internet connections last month – what was 5.23 crore in October-end. The move comes after weeks of ban on Facebook that started last month and continued till December. BTRC, however, did not explain the reason of the fall.

  • Every country should govern its own Internet: China

    Every nation should have independent authority over its own Internet, Chinese President Xi Jinping says, telling a government-organised conference that "freedom and order" are both necessary in cyberspace.

  • Child-safe Internet

    A lot of children who use the Internet are being exposed to harmful materials and there has to be proper monitoring to ensure safety of children as well as the state.

  • Teenagers feel helpless to cyber-crime: Study

    About 70 percent of the high school students using internet facility in Bangladesh say they feel helpless in face of cyber-crimes, a study reveals.

  • PM introduces 3G at Dahagram

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has inaugurated 3G network at Dahagram enclaves in Lalmonirhat.

  • Internet price in Bangladesh may be cheaper

    Internet restored after an hour’s block

    Internet blocked across country for over an hour shortly after blocking of Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber.

  • Google’s net balloons to circle Earth

    Google believes it is on course to have enough internet-beaming balloons in the stratosphere to form a ring over part of the world next year.

  • Kaspersky boss warns of emerging cybercrime threats

    Russian online security specialist Eugene Kaspersky says cybercriminals will one day go for bigger targets than PCs and mobiles, sabotaging entire transport networks, electrical grids or financial systems.

  • Stay safe online

    Here are a few internet security and privacy basics to save you from the hassle of having your information or account stolen.

  • 33 internet providers’ licenses cancelled

    Bangladesh’s telecom regulator scraps licenses of 33 internet service providers after they failed to pay for their license renewal in time.

  • fibre optical cable

    Bandwidth price reduced by 43%

    Wholesale prices of internet bandwidth will come down by up to 43 percent to discourage imports from India and also dispose of its huge amount of unused bandwidth from September 1.