Indigenous people

2022 proved how far we still are from peace in the CHT

Human rights violations of Indigenous peoples, especially land-grabbing, continued unabated

‘Indigenous In the Edge’ outlines lives of 17 ethnic groups in Bangladesh

Members of each community have reviewed the information that attempts to offer insight into the histories, homes, the clans and tribes that make up each community, the food habits and religious and cultural practices, and the languages, written and oral, they employ. 

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples / Indigenous women know how to nurture nature. We need to listen to them.

Indigenous women's traditional knowledge and practices can help us to survive with nature instead of abusing it. In Bangladesh, their inherent value are yet to be fully understood and duly recognised by the scientific community, development practitioners and policymakers alike.

Books exploring the lives of indigenous peoples

The book is a complete treatise on the development of the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT).

3 indigenous villages face land grabbing

Cradled in the scenic hilly landscape and close to the town centre, a cluster of three indigenous villages of Bandarban sadar upazila faces grabbing by a resort owner who intends to build a five-star hotel in the area.

It's far from acceptable

The overall human rights condition of the country's indigenous people remained far from acceptable in the year 2017 and little effort

Longadu Fire: 3 months on, they're still homeless

More than three months after the burning down of indigenous people's houses in Longadu upazila of Rangamati, it now seems to be a

Ensure equal rights, dignity

It was their day. They gathered, joined hands and spoke up to draw the government's attention to their demands for their rights and

700 Khasi people set to lose their homesteads

Women sit in a yard trying to sort betel leaves but their heavy hearts barely allow it. The elderly who counted on predictable

October 27, 2015
October 27, 2015

[WATCH NOW] A short trip, lots to see: The Ethnological Museum at Chittagong

If you have always wanted to know about the unique and fascinating lifestyles of the indigenous people living in the country, a short visit to the Ethnological Museum in Chittagong could make that possible.

March 16, 2015
March 16, 2015

Khagrachhari blockade observed peacefully

Indigenous people peacefully observe dawn-to-dusk road blockade in Dighinala upazila of Khagrachhari.

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