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  • pakistani soldier killed

    Pakistan says 3 soldiers die in Kashmir clash

    Pakistan says three of its soldiers are killed in a cross-border exchange of fire in the contested Kashmir region, but India denies that five of its troops are dead too.

  • Pakistan will return captured Indian pilot: Imran Khan

    Pakistan will return a captured pilot "as a peace gesture" to India, Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan says, amid efforts by the United States to defuse a crisis between the two nuclear powers a day after both downed enemy jets.

  • Indian Air Force

    India's new response template against terror

    Restraint is no longer an option. Action is. That is the message sent out by the Indian Air Force mounting the lightning attack on terror camps deep inside Pakistan on February 26.

  • Indian fighter jet

    Dark clouds of conflict

    The ongoing tension between India and Pakistan is taking a dangerous turn. The Indian air force crossed Pakistani airspace and carried out strikes against alleged terrorist training camps within Pakistan-administered territory, followed by Pakistan's own airstrike.

  • India Pakistan conflict

    War cannot be the option

    This is for the first time since 1971 that the air force of one of the two neighbours—India and Pakistan—has crossed the international border and launched strikes on the other's territory.