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  • Hilsa fish

    Hurrah for hilsa, again

    The country now has another success to hail about Padma hilsa as the research on its genome sequence got international recognition, a year after the fish had secured the status of geographical indication (GI) product of Bangladesh.

  • Recognition for hilsa

    After Jamdani sari, hilsa gets recognition of geographical indication (GI) product of Bangladesh.

  • Hilsa catches go to waste

    Hilsa occupies a unique position in the culinary of Bangladesh, a delicacy that families eagerly await.

  • HILSA now in haor

    Though unusual, fishermen are catching hilsa in Hakaluki Haor, the largest wetland in the country.

  • Hasina presents Mamata 20kgs hilsa

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina sends 20 kilograms of hilsa from the Padma river for West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who is going to take oath for the second term tomorrow.

  • Call on Myanmar, Bangladesh, India to conserve hilsa

    Apropos to the news “Call on Myanmar, Bangladesh, India to conserve hilsa” (TDS, May 5, 2016), it is important to mention that not only hilsa...

  • Tripartite cooperation for Hilsa conservation

    Bangladesh, India and Myanmar have agreed to work together for collaborative efforts to conserve Hilsa, the national fish of Bangladesh.

  • Fifty fall sick after having Baishakh feast

    At least 50 people became sick after having food at a Pahela Baishakh programme in Kachua upazila town on Thursday.

  • save-hilsa

    To eat or not to eat Hilsa this Pahela Baishakh

    Pahela Baisakh in Dhaka at the Suhrawardi Udyan fare with Hilsa and panta bhat. A writer-poet, now living in Canada, made the claim sometime back that it was he and his group of friends who started the fad.

  • ‘Will not have Hilsa on Pahela Baishakh’

    Hilsa, our national fish, has become an inseparable part of Pahela Baishakh (Bangla New Year) celebrations, but experts say the practice has no roots in a thousand years of Bengali tradition.

  • Hilsa scarce ahead of Baishakh

    The price of hilsa has shot up just a week ahead of Pahela Baishakh because of supply shortfall triggered by a ban on catching the fish in some certain parts in the rivers.

  • Hilsa: Killed by gill nets (video)

    Banned in the country for its consequences, gill nets are still aplenty in Bangladesh.

  • Hilsa stocks dwindling dangerously

    THOUGH the government amended the Protection and Conservation of Fish Act (1950) in the year 2002 to ban the manufacture and