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  • Three-wheelers to join ride-hailing bandwagon

    They had called a strike demanding a ban on fast-growing ride-hailing services in order to ensure their long-held dominance on the streets and keep competitors at bay. But CNG-run auto-rickshaw drivers are now coming to terms with the changing reality and accepting the technological transformation.

  • British astronaut dials wrong number from space

    British astronaut Tim Peake dials wrong number from space.

  • How people Googled in 2015

    Popular search engine Google releases its overview of trends in search by people across the world.

  • Scare your ex this Halloween with Adele’s 'Hello’

    Adele does it again! This time with her newest song, “Hello” she stirred up emotions that you thought were long forgotten about the ones you used to love. One fan decides to test out the strength of Adele’s song and the results are absolutely hilarious!