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  • Future of food security

    Future of food security: How social enterprises are keeping up during Covid-19

    When the shutdown in Bangladesh was announced on March 23, agricultural activities were not included in the closure. But now as similar lockdowns in exporting-countries are being prolonged, fears have begun to grow about a possible food crisis.

  • Gulf crisis broadens definitions of food security

    Food security has taken on a new dimension almost five months into the Gulf crisis that pits a UAE-Saudi alliance against Qatar and for which there is no resolution in sight.

  • Going regional to tackle local food crisis

    The food security situation in Bangladesh has been in troubled waters all through the year. The metaphor stands true in the literal sense as well, since the recent threats to food security are largely a result of the damage caused by two successive floods: the flash flood during April and the monsoon flood since late June.

  • Middlemen take it all

    In a seminar on food security and media's role, representatives from the government and other stakeholders discussed the problems...

  • Working towards a better economic future

    The good news is that Bangladesh is making progress in terms of gender equality, poverty reduction and promotion of maternal and child health. The bad news is that the overall participation of women in the labour force remains at a scant 36 percent.

  • Bangladesh performs well in inclusive growth

    AS per a report published by ESCAP titled 'Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2015', Bangladesh is ahead of both India and Pakistan in terms of inclusive growth.