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  • UAE to take Bangladeshi domestic workers in 3 months

    Hiring Bangladeshi Domestic Workers: UAE to resume it within 3 months

    Partially lifting a ban on hiring workers, the United Arab Emirates would resume hiring domestic workers from Bangladesh within next three months, Expatriates' Welfare Minister Nurul Islam said yesterday.

  • Why child domestic workers are prime victims

    The photo of a battered young maid with black eyes swollen to the extreme shook the conscience of those who saw it circulating on social media the past week (“Tortured domestic help moved to Dhaka CMH”, The Daily Star, July 4, 2017). The child was identified as 11-year-old Sabina Akhter from Tangail district, who was working as a maid in an army officer's house for the last six months in the capital's Mirpur DOHS area.

  • A jarring anomaly of society

    It is easy to miss stories about child domestic workers being tortured and killed. Easy because stories of children being killed have become eerily regular.

  • Qatar agrees to hike Bangladeshi female expats’ pay

    Gulf nation Qatar has agreed to increase monthly salary for the skilled Bangladeshi female migrants and domestic workers from Tk 19,350 to 25,800 (QAR900 to 1200).

  • Policy for domestic workers - Welcome beginning to a long journey

    Almost all employees in the formal sector would complain about the denial of their legal rights if their official holidays are curtailed; but it would be very difficult to find anyone among these employees who would even think that the persons working in their homes are entitled to paid leave and holidays as well.

  • Women on the move

    Bangladesh hasn't ratified the Domestic Workers Act itself, making it difficult for the government to require the same of destination countries.

  • Women trafficked as sex slaves

    We are deeply troubled by the allegations that women from Bangladesh are being trafficked to war-ridden Syria as sex slaves and domestic workers.